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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion isn't a new topic.

EST Globe has been leading a strategy to assist customers in searching for and recruiting more female leaders for the past few years. It’s been well documented that businesses that have more diverse workforces achieve higher profits than those that don't, driving innovation and attracting better talent into the future.

However, the D&I case is much more than a gender issue. In fact, it covers nine protected characteristics: age, gender, disability, ethnicity, gender reassignment, race, religion, belief and sexual orientation.

With skill shortages challenging virtually every industry, more organizations have D&I on their agenda and there is a new drive to be open and discuss D&I, not just for its commercial benefits but also for the opportunities it creates in the workforce. We all benefit from being around people with different mindsets, backgrounds and abilities, whether that’s in the workplace or wider community.

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