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Staffing Solution

Our EST Globe Solutions

Whatever type of staffing service you need,
we supply it.

We are known for providing top-notch temp talent and client services. The thing is, we do a lot more, including temp-to-hire and direct hire. We're at the top of the staffing game across the board. Now that you know we offer so much, how can we help you?

Easy Fastest Starting

How can our staffing services help you?

There’s no way around it: you need good people. The problem is, it takes time to find good people. The other problem is, you don’t have a lot of time. But, do you know what you have? You’ve got us. And we’ve got the staffing services to help you find those good people whenever you need them and for whatever you need them to do. We can even help you pay them.

We have the largest network of pre-qualified candidates everywhere. Temp, perm, light industrial, professional. You just name it! …….thatalso means no matter how many workers you need, or whatever skills you need, we can deliver it ASAP. Let's work on your staffing plan together and make sure you build the best workforce possible for your budget.

Temporary staffing services

Why temporary staffing? Because temporary staffing save you time and money, especially during high seasonal demand. It gives you added flexibility and raises productivity in both the short- and long-term. It ensures you get the right people, in the right positions, right away. And it's the most efficient way to enhance your workforce and close skills gaps.

When you need a temporary staffing agency, go with the best.

Let's get right to the point: when it comes to temp staffing, we're the best in the world. There, we said it. Sure, we do a lot of other things really well, but temp staffing is how we made a name for ourselves. So, when you need temp staffing services—for one day, one project, one season or one year—talk to us first. We’ve got the largest network of pre-qualified candidates anywhere. That means, whether you need 1 employee, or 1,000, you get quality people. And you get them quickly.

Get the most qualified candidates.

Before you even see a candidate—whether they're for your call center, office or warehouse—they go through a thorough evaluation process.


Each application is carefully reviewed. If a candidate meets the job requirements, they're interviewed in person.


If you need candidates with specific skill sets, our expert system will put them to the test to find out if they have what it takes.

Completely checked

References? Checked. Employment eligibility? Checked through E-Verify. Drug and background? You ask, and we'll check.

The best temporary employees are the happiest ones.

You want to keep your employees satisfied—even your temporary employees. It just makes for a healthier, more productive, more efficient workforce. And, you can count on us to make sure your temp employees are happy, healthy and have the skills they need to do the job.

First, there are benefits of being a temp associatewith us……. Real-Actual benefits. That means all EST temporary associates can enroll in our group benefits plan, which includes preventative medical coverage, dental insurance, and a 401(k) program.

In addition, our temporary associates have the opportunity to improve their skills before they start their assignment at your business, or even while they're on the job. They can access our SkillBuilder online training program to prepare them for the skills they need today and tomorrow. That will not only make them happy—it will make you happy, too.