About us

About EST Globe Everyone Stands Together

Founded in 2017, EST Globe is a research based recruitment advisory firm, helping clients to run their business operation smoothly and be at the forefront of business by providing quality staff. In EST Globe, it is our opportunity to establish our brand name by providing quality services to our customers and become their solution partner. The company is progressive towards the thoughts that will shape the fate of the business. EST Globe brings you highly penetrating and exceptionally pertinent exploration, bits of knowledge and investigations so that you can take the informed decisions and bold moves that will spell success.

Level 1 Support:

Basic troubleshooting
Break/fix Support
Common hardware and Software issues Support

Level 2 Support:

Advanced Troubleshooting
Network Fundamentals
TCP/IP,DHCP,DNS and VPN technologies

Leval 3 Support:

Expert Trobleshooting
Infrastructure Design
Scriptind and Automation
Security Experties

Digital Workplace service

Our comprehensive suite of services around virtual
workspace experiences.